About Northampton Jesus Centre

Northampton Jesus Centre offers friendship and help to all regardless of their faith or lack of it. Services include support groups and skills classes as well as a community café, and a drop-in for those in vulnerable accommodation or other particular need.

Rob had been living on the streets for three years. When he heard that his mum had died he was too ashamed to go to the funeral in his street clothes. He came to the Jesus Centre and we fitted him up with a suit and shoes. The night before the funeral they were stolen while Rob slept. He came back, distressed and we kitted him out again.

Our Aims

Northampton Jesus Centre aims to show the Christian gospel in action. Our intention is to be a “one-stop-shop” providing a single friendly first point of contact for those in spiritual, social or practical need. All kinds of people may benefit from the facilities and services offered, regardless of their own faith or background. Visitors to Jesus Centres will find an understanding and non-judgmental attitude from everyone involved.

Indeed, one of the strengths of the project is that many of the staff themselves have experienced life on society’s margins.

We have carried out extensive local research to ensure that the Jesus Centre meets real needs in the area without duplicating services already being provided by other organisations, so that we can really help people like Rob.

Open: Mon-Fri 9.45am-4.00pm, Wed & Fri 7.00pm –9.30 pm


Our Staff and Volunteers

Here are just a few of the hundreds of staff and volunteers that pour an amazing amount of dedication, energy and love into the regular work of the Northampton Jesus Centre:

Volunteers must be aged from 18 years of age upwards and have a Christian faith and be able to demonstrate they have a love and acceptance of all kinds of people, a willingness to serve and work as part of a team. All volunteers fill in an application form, we take up references, interview them and give relevant training. There is an induction training package and volunteer handbook. We also have a helper scheme which enables some of our visitors to get involved in volunteering.

Council of reference

Rev Hugh Kent
Steve Line
Rev Richard Morriss
Roger Sawtell
Rev David Wiseman
Morcea Walker MBE

The Council of Reference have attended functions or been kept informed by periodic letters and personal contact. The Trustees and Management Committee have met regularly and monitored and driven progress with various subcommittees in action too.