Visitor to Volunteer

2nd November 2018
Richard Hart started coming to the Northampton Jesus Centre as a user of its services. He now regularly volunteers and his kindness is making a huge difference to others. We sat down to find out a little bit more about him.  Tell us a bit about yourself. I’m 40, Northampton boy, I like making people laugh […]

Talking to: Suzy Van Rooyen From C2C

22nd May 2015

Suzy Van Rooyen is CEO of C2C (Crime To Christ), a Christian charity based in Northampton that works with ex-offenders to help them take personal responsibility for their behaviour, in order to reduce re-offending. Their latest project is a social enterprise called the Good Loaf Bakery, which will employ vulnerable women and give them valuable work experience. Suzy talks to Amy Williams.


Talking to Natalie Bennett

1st December 2014
Thank you for giving me this opportunity to ask some questions, Natalie. Some Christians are drawn to the Green Party because of its emphasis on social justice and environmental issues. But some might worry that the Green Party carries an aggressive secularising flavour. Does it? We have principles I think many people of faith can […]

Making a Difference in Northampton

30th October 2014
Daily serving around 60 of the most poor and vulnerably housed of Northampton, The Step Up Drop In is a hive of activity during the week . Here we speak to Stevo Scott, about working there. What made you want to work at the Jesus Centre? I felt very strongly the call of God to […]