Making a Difference in Northampton

Daily serving around 60 of the most poor and vulnerably housed of Northampton, The Step Up Drop In is a hive of activity during the week . Here we speak to Stevo Scott, about working there.Stevo and a friend

What made you want to work at the Jesus Centre?

I felt very strongly the call of God to work at the Jesus Centre. Besides that, I had a growing feeling that I was wasting my life loading sand and cement into vans (I previously worked for a builder’s merchant). I wanted to do something that would positively influence people’s lives and impact them with the love, hope and life of Jesus.


What does your job involve?

My job has two elements. The first is to manage the Step-Up (drop in); its facilities and volunteers. That’s pretty straightforward as we have an amazing team of very committed volunteers who basically run it themselves. The second element is personal development. This is about helping individuals take steps forwards towards their goals, which can be anything from getting fit to finding housing. As part of this, we’ve recently launched a Coaching Scheme and had several people sign up.  We’re moving in the right direction.


What do you most enjoy about working at the Jesus Centre? And what do you not enjoy so much?

I enjoy working with the most committed and passionate group of people in the church! I’m part of a dynamic team of inspired, ‘make things happen’ people. I value and enjoy that very much.

I love my work. It’s my job to be there for people, help people out where I can, listen to them, bring hope to them, pray with them, tell them about Jesus and believe in them. People who are thirsty for a change, for something good, come into the Jesus Centre. I’m able to meet them and be good news to many. We offer a complete package. A total change of lifestyle, should anyone wish to choose it.  That’s inspiring. I’m making a difference; sometimes small, but sometimes life-changing.

I don’t enjoy producing reports or writing funding bids!


What would you say to encourage more people to start volunteering/working/being involved with the Jesus Centres?

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and jump in. Forget your negativity and lose your opinions. This is church, let’s shape it and make it work together.


Published 30th October 2014 with tags: volunteering

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