Fish, chips and friends

Northampton Jesus Centre receptionNorthampton Jesus Centre continues to be busy, with lots of activities planned for the coming months. This weekend, Northampton Jesus Centre takes part in the national ‘Heritage Open Days’ scheme. It’s a chance for local people to visit historic sites and discover more about the area they live in. The Northampton Jesus Centre was previously the ABC Cinema and is an example of Art Deco architecture. Services manager Jayne Elliott says:

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with over 300 people who come to view our Art Deco building and reminisce. It’s also an amazing chance to showcase what we do now and to promote the café.”

Circle Cafe offerThe Circle Café will be serving cream teas throughout the weekend and there will be a 1940s projectionist available to share his memories. Volunteers will provide members of the public with guided tours.

The regular “Great Fish & Chip quiz nights” at the café are also popular with friends and family and there are more food-themed nights planned for the next few months, including one to celebrate and welcome international students.

Published 11th September 2015 with tags: events heritage

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