Today’s church for today’s people

ONE hundred people attended the official launch of the Centre in the Circle Café on Wednesday 8 December. Among them were councillors, architects and a retired projectionist, Arthur Northover. “Thanks for the rebirth of something new, a truly lovely church, phoenix-like from the old Savoy’s ashes,” he inscribed in a presentation copy of his book, The Picture Man.

Refreshments and speeches from key people involved in the project followed.

Among them was JCT chairman John Campbell. “Faith-led social action doesn’t impose faith; it has the highest standards and faith informs its activity,” he said.

“The Jesus Centre is faith-led social action. The 21st century church needs to earn its right to speak. It must be open seven days a week. It must address today’s needs and deal with today’s social fabric. And it must bridge gaps.”

This is what we are here to do.

Published 19th January 2005 with tags: events Northampton

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