New life

17th July 2017
THE motto of the Jesus Centres is “a place where everyone is valued”. At the Northampton Jesus Centre, they were recently able to show one of their friends how valued he is, and to introduce him to God. Recently, a man who suffered from alcohol and homelessness problems, (and was a regular visitor at the […]

A Bunch of Flowers

16th June 2017
My colleague was recently bought a bunch of flowers by a visitor, who obviously felt nothing less would suffice to express the extent of his gratitude!  Alistair has certainly benefited from all the Jesus Centre has to offer.  He has attended a Basic IT course, a Customer Service course and gained an AIM qualification in […]

She Beams, Now

16th June 2017
TWO months ago, when Rosy first visited the Step-Up drop-in, she was depressed. “Lower than I’ve ever been in my life”, she explains. Her partner had suffered a mental breakdown and consequently their relationship had deteriorated. She began using hard drugs in an attempt to escape her despair. At rock bottom, she decided to visit […]

Power of Prayer

14th June 2017
IT was Jeff’s second time to our mid-week church event. We’ve been running these for four weeks at 12pm on Wednesdays. On his first visit, he sat quietly, just listening to everything that went on. Today was different. The message, presented by William, our resident minister, seemed to touch base with Jeff in a real […]

Fighting Prejudice: Ruth Barnett’s Story

24th April 2015
IN June 1989, 1000 men and women crammed into a sports hall in Harrow. They had one thing in common: they had all been rescued by the British government when war broke out in 1939. Ten thousand Jewish children were sent on trains over to England from Germany and Austria in what was referred to […]

What our users say

23rd January 2015
How has coming to the Jesus Centre helped you? Tom – “The Jesus Centre has broadened my horizons. I’ve met people here. It has helped me to look at questions about faith.” Michael – “I’ve built good friendships. It’s a friendly environment and I can talk to someone about problems I’m having. While in prison, […]