Power of Prayer

IT was Jeff’s second time to our mid-week church event. We’ve been running these for four weeks at 12pm on Wednesdays.

On his first visit, he sat quietly, just listening to everything that went on. Today was different. The message, presented by William, our resident minister, seemed to touch base with Jeff in a real way. He began to speak.

In fact, he poured out his heart about the tragedy of his past and bitterness of his present. Holding back the tears, he admitted wanting to be free from the anger he feels inside. Some gave testimony to the healing power of Jesus and forgiveness. We prayed and later offered more direct prayer in relation to what he had shared. He accepted.

We look forward to seeing Jeff freed from the power of his past and thank God for the opportunity we have at the Jesus Centre, to be available to people like Jeff. Keep an eye out for part two, in which we describe the peace and freedom that Jeff found through Jesus Christ.

Published 14th June 2017

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