She Beams, Now

TWO months ago, when Rosy first visited the Step-Up drop-in, she was depressed.

“Lower than I’ve ever been in my life”, she explains. Her partner had suffered a mental breakdown and consequently their relationship had deteriorated. She began using hard drugs in an attempt to escape her despair.

At rock bottom, she decided to visit the Jesus Centre. On entry to the Step-Up she found somebody to talk to and pour out her grief to. She was reassured and comforted, offered food, drink and emotional support. Rosy returned many times and continued to find the help she needed. She describes a peace and strength that she credits to God with a gratitude that wells up to her eyes. With help from other agencies in the town, Rosy has conquered her addiction.

She is now at peace with herself. Her relationship with her partner is even beginning to heal. She works. She beams.

“Without God it is impossible” she says, through her grateful tears.

Published 16th June 2017

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