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We spent the morning asking a number of our users how the Jesus Centre has helped them.


Tom – “The Jesus Centre has broadened my horizons. I’ve met people here. It has helped me to look at questions about faith.”

Michael – “I’ve built good friendships. It’s a friendly environment and I can talk to someone about problems I’m having. While in prison, they kept in touch and visited me.”

Justin – “I’ve met new people. I’ve enjoyed helping with foodbank and doing the roof garden. I also enjoy just tidying up around the place.”

Mark – “It was something to do in the beginning. But keeping occupied is actually really important for me. I’ve formed positive friendships. The Jesus Centre has given me the option to keep going. It offers continual support, day by day. Faith has helped – I like reading the bible.”

David – “The Jesus Centre has helped me tremendously, the past few months especially. I feel I’m back on track with my life. It’s made me stand back and have a good look at myself. Having someone to talk to is a big part of it. Speaking one-to-one is good because I can open up properly.”


ListeningTell us about any particular time you have valued the help offered to you at the Jesus Centre?

Tom – “One of the volunteers bought me a set of clothes. That made me feel better, like they loved me.”

Michael – “On Monday evening I came in, head spinning with loads of stuff. I talked about it and got prayer. I felt loads better after that.”

Justin – “A few weeks ago I couldn’t find my car keys. Dave took me home to pick up my spares.  When problems come up, I feel supported by the Jesus Centre.”

Mark – “Two or three weeks ago I was being threatened with eviction. I’d been sanctioned and had no money. I got help ringing up the estate agent and they agreed a payment plan. So I kept my place.”

David – “Decorating the Step-Up has really boosted my confidence. I’m now looking to get back into work next year. It’s nice to hear people’s comments on how good it looks. It gives me a sense of pride.”

One big smileWhat do you value about the Jesus Centre?

Tom – “The Jesus Centre offers all-round help. It’s like a community.”

Michael – “I feel wanted and loved. People are there to help.”

Justin – “Don’t get much trouble in the Step-Up, it’s a positive place to be.”

Mark – “I value lots of things about the Jesus Centre. Support, honesty, guidance. My mind can be off-track but I get the help I need to re-focus. I’ve come a long way, improving every day, getting back to how life used to be, except now I’m walking with Jesus. Church on Sunday evening is massive. I take so much from the love and peace. I’d love to help others in the future, the same way I’m being helped.”

David – “I value friendships with different people. Being around the Centre has brought me out of myself a bit more. I can have a laugh everyday now, (apart from Mondays and Wednesday evenings when the pool table’s not out!) whereas before I couldn’t.”

Published 23rd January 2015 with tags: stories of hope

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