Volunteering is “challenging, but rewarding”

ESOL class in progressA MUM of two young children, Esther Sohatee, 29, has her hands full with her busy day-to-day life, but that doesn’t stop her doing something positive for others.

Every Wednesday night, Esther leads an English conversation group at the Northampton Jesus Centre, where she helps people that can’t afford English lessons and classes to speak better English. The group is free and welcomes anyone. It has been going for about nine months now, and will re-start when the holidays are over.

“The group can be both challenging and rewarding,” Esther explains, “It can be disappointing when there’s only a small turnout of people. Because we don’t charge anything the number can differ every week.

ESOL class“It’s also challenging when you feel tired and you don’t want to do anything, but then you realise that you’ve committed yourself to do it and that people are relying on you. I realise people need help and that if someone doesn’t do it they can’t get any help.

“It’s very rewarding though,” she says, “I see that people are becoming more confident in their English speaking, and I’ve made some good friends there. I meet up with some of them outside class as well, and it’s great when they start trusting me and open up about their lives.”

Another ESOL classGrowing up in a Christian family, Esther had a foundation in Christianity but didn’t have any interest in God in her early teens. Throughout her teens, she “lived life to the full”, but wasn’t happy or at peace with herself. She started crying out to God, and found Him responding to her. Since then she has been involved with various church activities from youth work to community work and outreach.

“Jesus came for those in need and that’s now what He calls us to do.” says Esther. “The church needs to be visible, not inward-looking but reaching out. We need to care for people and have time to meet their needs: that’s what I want to do!”

Published 22nd August 2014 with tags: other nations volunteering

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