ESOL Teaching Offers a Much Needed Welcome

11th July 2018
By Sue Withers, ESOL Teacher Can you imagine yourself arriving, sometimes through difficulty, in a bewildering foreign environment where you can’t speak the language  Can you imagine yourself grappling with incomprehensible forms, unable to understand the signs in a supermarket, baffled by the GP receptionist or dumb in the face of hostility?  In my career […]

We needed two miracles

21st January 2004
COLIN Witkowski and Lorraine Cheape had been together for four years when a friend had suggested they try heroin ‘for the buzz.’ “I thought ‘I’m not going to get addicted'” explains Lorraine. “But we didn’t realise what it was like. The buzz soon stopped and we woke up ill, because we needed another hit. Then we […]