ESOL Teaching Offers a Much Needed Welcome

11th July 2018
By Sue Withers, ESOL Teacher Can you imagine yourself arriving, sometimes through difficulty, in a bewildering foreign environment where you can’t speak the language  Can you imagine yourself grappling with incomprehensible forms, unable to understand the signs in a supermarket, baffled by the GP receptionist or dumb in the face of hostility?  In my career […]

Broken physics boff finds hope at Northampton Jesus Centre

15th February 2013
“PATRIK HAD been a physics lecturer in Hungary, his home country. He was quite broken by the needs that had led him to seek shelter in Britain.” Elaine Baker teaches ESOL, English for Speakers of Other Languages at the Northampton Jesus Centre. She told Streetpaper Patrik’s story. “Patrik had been in my ESOL class for […]

Socks changed my life!

25th January 2012
“HI, I’M SID and this is how socks changed my life”. Sid, sitting in front of us was recounting his life story to our camera. And it’s quite a story! My friend Richard King and I had been approached by Faithworks Northampton, part of a national network of Churches aiming to resource and encourage community […]

A bird with a broken wing

19th January 2012
SOME VISITORS to the Jesus Centre remind me why it is a privilege to work here. Lisa was one. In her late 20s, like a little bird with a broken wing she came, on an afternoon when a women-only session was running. In fact, no-one had turned up and I was feeling like I was […]

Prison: My Wake Up Call

4th July 2010
The facts About 504 people sleep outside every night 8 out of every 10 prisoners admit to drug misuse prior to prison 7 out of every 10 prisoners have been in prison before 7 out of every 10 prisoners are unemployed prior to prison 7 out of every 10 female prisoners have no formal qualifications […]

Channels of God’s power

24th September 2005
‘HEALING Rays’, the name of the group, comes from Malachi 4:2- ‘But for you who fear My name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings,'” explains team member Dave Howell. “In a book on healing, I discovered ‘wings’ could also be translated as ‘rays’.” Twenty-nine years ago Dave was told he […]