Talking to: Suzy Van Rooyen From C2C

22nd May 2015

Suzy Van Rooyen is CEO of C2C (Crime To Christ), a Christian charity based in Northampton that works with ex-offenders to help them take personal responsibility for their behaviour, in order to reduce re-offending. Their latest project is a social enterprise called the Good Loaf Bakery, which will employ vulnerable women and give them valuable work experience. Suzy talks to Amy Williams.


Fighting Prejudice: Ruth Barnett’s Story

24th April 2015
IN June 1989, 1000 men and women crammed into a sports hall in Harrow. They had one thing in common: they had all been rescued by the British government when war broke out in 1939. Ten thousand Jewish children were sent on trains over to England from Germany and Austria in what was referred to […]

What our users say

23rd January 2015
We spent the morning asking a number of our users how the Jesus Centre has helped them.   Tom – “The Jesus Centre has broadened my horizons. I’ve met people here. It has helped me to look at questions about faith.” Michael – “I’ve built good friendships. It’s a friendly environment and I can talk […]

Broken physics boff finds hope at Northampton Jesus Centre

15th February 2013
“PATRIK HAD been a physics lecturer in Hungary, his home country. He was quite broken by the needs that had led him to seek shelter in Britain.” Elaine Baker teaches ESOL, English for Speakers of Other Languages at the Northampton Jesus Centre. She told Streetpaper Patrik’s story. “Patrik had been in my ESOL class for […]

Prison: My Wake Up Call

4th July 2010
The facts About 504 people sleep outside every night 8 out of every 10 prisoners admit to drug misuse prior to prison 7 out of every 10 prisoners have been in prison before 7 out of every 10 prisoners are unemployed prior to prison 7 out of every 10 female prisoners have no formal qualifications […]